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Office of the Provost

Exploring Entrepreneurism


UNIV 3088
Special Topics: Exploring the Entrepreneurial Perspective
1-Credit Course

Monday, August 28th - Friday, October 13th, 2023

Entrepreneurship is not only transforming our economy, but the ways that we work, and the challenges we confront. The course will equip students with an awareness of the revelatory nature of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard for resources at hand, usually by leveraging the power of markets. Individuals with an entrepreneurial perspective possess the potential to create value in their careers or for the collective good. This 1-credit course introduces students to entrepreneurship as a way to create value and exposes students to qualities of effective entrepreneurs. The course will also introduce students to resources at UConn to continue their study and development in understanding whether and how they might pursue entrepreneurship in their careers. We take a transdisciplinary approach to the issue of entrepreneurship, intentionally integrating across traditional academic disciplines including but not limited to business, engineering, science, fine arts, agriculture social sciences, and the humanities, and reaching beyond the academy to incorporate the full array of stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem (e.g., investors, lenders, regulators, policy-makers, employees).


Students can enroll in Student Administration until September 12th, the end of add/drop.

Course: UNIV 3088

Section 001 Class #16543 (Undergraduates Only)

Section 002 Class #16544 (Graduate Students Only)
Instruction Mode: Online Asynchronous

For detailed course information, see the course syllabus.

Course Objectives

By the completion of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Recognize how market forces enable entrepreneurial opportunities to flourish.
  2. Identify components in a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  3. Recognize examples of ways individuals might demonstrate entrepreneurial behavior.
  4. Recognize entrepreneurial biases and misconceptions that may constrain growth.
  5. Analyze business models for effectiveness within an entrepreneurial opportunity.
  6. Examine entrepreneurial career opportunities and pathways best aligned with individual strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Identify the entrepreneurial resources and opportunities at the University of Connecticut.

Course Modules

The course is comprised of seven (7) modules which include the following topics:

  • Module 0: Course Orientation
  • Module 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Module 2: The Entrepreneurial YOU
  • Module 3: Entrepreneurial Careers
  • Module 4: Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  • Module 5: Entrepreneurial Biases
  • Module 6: Business Model Generation
  • Module 7: Entrepreneurship at UConn

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