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Office of the Provost

COACHE Surveys

The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education is a research-practice partnership and network of peer institutions dedicated to improving outcomes in faculty recruitment, development, and retention.

In the 2019-20 academic year, we have partnered with COACHE and they will be administering two surveys to our faculty. We will work with representatives from the faculty to collaborate in understanding the data we receive from these surveys and to look at areas in which we can improve. The data will be benchmarked against a small set of comparable institutions, allowing us to see specific strengths and weaknesses in comparison to peers.

All responses to these surveys are strictly anonymous. No reporting will be provided at a level that would risk the identification of individual subjects.

  • The Faculty Jobs Satisfaction Survey: all tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty will receive an invitation to participate in this survey. This will allow us to understand faculty sentiment with regard to teaching, service and research, tenure and promotion, departmental engagement and collegiality, and other aspects of the academic workplace. We will receive reporting from this survey in the summer of 2020. Over the next two years we will work collaboratively with faculty representatives, supported by COACHE, to analyze the data we receive from this survey.
  • The Faculty Retention & Exit Survey: only tenure-track faculty who received a retention offer to stay at UConn or those who moved to a comparable academic position will be invited to participate in this survey. This is the only comparative study of faculty retentions and departures and the results will offer insight into the causes, costs, and conduct surrounding faculty exit. We will participate in this survey for three years (2019-20, 2020-21, and 2021-22) before we receive full reporting on the data because of the relatively small number of faculty involved.

As reporting from these surveys becomes available, we will share it here.

Please reach out to Dr. Sarah Croucher, Director of Academic Policy, with any questions.