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Office of the Provost

Office of the Provost

Faculty Consulting Website – Relaunched

Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to let you know about updates to the faculty consulting website, found at

On the updated website, you can find your submitted requests and submit new requests from the “dashboard” link on the top menu, or from the link to “view your dashboard of submitted requests and/or to submit a new request” found on the homepage. The form itself has not changed, only the website has been updated.

Under the “Getting Started” options you can now find a comprehensive introductory guide to filling out the form, information about different activities that are undertaken as part of the faculty consulting program, and more general information related to consulting.

Our FAQ section has been significantly updated and includes questions and answers for faculty submitting requests, and for department heads, deans, or equivalent who are approvers.

We hope that this will be a useful resource to all those navigating the faculty consulting request process. Please get in touch with the appropriate Faculty Consulting Office representative if you have any feedback or any other questions related to the faculty consulting program.

Best regards,

Dr. Gladis Kersaint, Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives

Dr. Sarah Croucher, Director of Academic Policy and Faculty Affairs (Faculty Consulting Office, Storrs/Regionals)

Dr. Jody Terranova, Director of Faculty Consulting, UConn Health Center (Faculty Consulting Office, UCH