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Office of the Provost

Office of the Provost

New Relocation and Moving Procedures

Dear Colleagues, 


We are writing to communicate the new Relocation and Moving Procedures that have been developed in connection with the revised Relocation and Moving Policy approved by the Board of Trustees in February. In the event a new hire is offered a moving allowance as part of their employment offer, these procedures identify the various ways UConn is able to pay for their relocation expenses.  The procedures also provide detailed instructions to both the newly hired employee and the hiring department on how to utilize the services of our new moving services provider, Signature Relocation.   


The University has engaged Signature Relocation (“Signature”), an independent third-party moving services provider, to assist new employees with their relocations.  Signature can arrange the transportation of household goods and personal belongings, as well as the relocation of the employee and their family. Signature will pay for eligible employee relocations and household moves up to the approved amount by 1) making direct payments to vendors for agreed upon moving services, 2) reimbursing employees for out-of-pocket expenses, or 3) via a combination of both methods.  New employees who choose not to use Signature for direct payments to vendors after a consultation may pay for their move out-of-pocket and submit receipts through Signature for reimbursement. Departments and relocating employees can access information about Signature’s moving services by visiting the following webpage: 


Following this message, we will reach out to all new employees who have recently accepted an employment offer that includes a moving allowance. We will inform these employees of the relocation services Signature has to offer and connect them with a Personal Move Manager from Signature. Department heads and administrators will be copied on these communications. 


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders who provided input in this process. These procedures represent not only more comprehensive, affordable, and coordinated services for our new employees, but also streamlined administration for our staff who support new employee moves. We are excited to share these improvements with you and hope they bring positive change to your unit and our new colleagues’ onboarding experiences. 


Thank you, 


Office of the Provost 


Office of Human Resources