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Office of the Provost

Office of the Provost

Celebrating Promotion and Tenure Awards, 2021-22

Dear Colleagues,

I write you all today in the spirit of celebration. I am very pleased to share that the Board of Trustees approved on April 28 the award of tenure and/or promotion to 72 individuals across the Storrs and regional campuses.

This is a notable milestone for each faculty member awarded these promotions. I congratulate each of them on this culmination of many years of dedication to their disciplines, the advancement of knowledge, and service to UConn and the broader community. They are a credit to UConn’s reputation as a leading global research university.

Applications for promotion and tenure are reviewed at the department level, school or college level, and finally at the Office of the Provost before recommendations are forwarded to the Board of Trustees. This process involves significant work on the part of each faculty member, as well as assistance and support of colleagues and administrative staff who provide guidance and manage many of the logistics through each stage of the promotion and tenure cycle.

The awards of promotion and tenure are listed below, by school or college. Please join us in congratulating your colleagues who have been awarded this year.


Carl Lejuez
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs


College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources

Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure

  • Yangchao Luo, Nutritional Sciences

Promotion to Associate Extension Educator

  • Anoushka Concepcion, Extension
  • Jennifer Cushman, Extension

Promotion to Extension Educator

  • Laura Brown, Extension
  • Cary Chadwick, Extension

Promotion to Professor

  • Lindsay DiStefano, Kinesiology
  • Tricia Leahey, Allied Health Sciences

Promotion to Research Professor

  • Laijun Lai, Allied Health Sciences

School of Business

Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure

  • Alina Lerman, Accounting
  • Jose Martinez, Finance
  • Steven Utke, Accounting

Promotion to Associate Professor In-Residence

  • Yaacov Kopeliovich, Finance

Promotion to Professor

  • David Souder, Management
  • David Weber, Accounting

Neag School of Education

Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure

  • Milagros Castillo-Montoya, Educational Leadership
  • Kenny Nienhusser, Educational Leadership

Promotion to Professor

  • Robin Grenier, Educational Leadership

School of Engineering

Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure

  • Kelly A. Burke, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Bin Feng, Biomedical Engineering
  • Sheida Nabavi, Computer Science & Engineering
  • Xinyu Zhao, Mechanical Engineering

Promotion to Associate Professor In-Residence

  • David Giblin, Mechanical Engineering
  • David Kaputa, Biomedical Engineering
  • Jason Lee, Mechanical Engineering

Promotion to Professor

  • Jeongho Kim, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Helena Silva, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Yufeng Wu, Computer Science & Engineering

Tenure as Associate Professor

  • Syam Nukavarapu, Biomedical Engineering

School of Fine Arts

Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure

  • Christina Bullard, Dramatic Arts
  • Heejoo Gwen Kim, Digital Media & Design

Promotion to Professor

  • Alexis Boylan, Art & Art History

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure

  • Robert Bagchi, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Andrea Celli, Literatures, Cultures, & Languages
  • Ariel Lambe, History
  • Christin Munsch, Sociology
  • Jessica Rouge, Chemistry
  • Jonathan Trump, Physics
  • HaiYing Wang, Statistics
  • Ryan Watson, Human Development & Family Sciences
  • Jill Wegrzyn, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Eiling Yee, Psychological Sciences

Promotion to Associate Professor In-Residence

  • Laura Bunyan, Sociology
  • Miranda Davis, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Darcie Dennigan, English
  • Anthony Rizzie, Mathematics
  • Diego Valente, Physics

Promotion to Professor

  • Nathan Alder, Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Carol Atkinson-Palombo, Geography
  • Iddo Ben-Ari, Mathematics
  • Brendan Kane, History
  • Gustavus McLeod, Philosophy
  • Barbara Mellone, Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Emily Myers, Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences
  • Spencer Nyholm, Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Jeremy Pressman, Political Science
  • Luke Rogers, Mathematics
  • Peter Schweitzer, Physics
  • Lynne Tirrell, Philosophy
  • Epapante (Penny) Vlahos, Marine Sciences

Promotion to Professor In-Residence

  • Amit Savkar, Mathematics

School of Nursing

Promotion to Associate Clinical Professor

  • Marybeth Whalen

Promotion to Clinical Professor

  • Annette Jakubisin Konicki
  • Annette Maruca

Promotion to Professor

  • Steven Kinsey
  • Natalie Shook

School of Pharmacy

Promotion to Clinical Professor

  • Jennifer Girotto, Pharmacy Practice
  • Lisa Holle, Pharmacy Practice

Promotion to Professor

  • Brian Aneskievich, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Kyle Hadden, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Nathaniel Rickles, Pharmacy Practice

School of Social Work

Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure

  • Caitlin Elsaesser

Promotion to Professor

  • Rebecca Thomas