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Office of the Provost

Admin Forum

About the Forum

The Admin Forum serves all staff at the University as a space to share information, connect, and develop professionally. We strive to make the Admin Forum applicable to all attendees and ensure we provide content that is timely and in line with attendees’ desire for knowledge, resources, or experiences that are unique and applicable to staff across campus. The purpose of the Admin Forum is to:

  • Strengthen the institution and its staff by recognizing, encouraging, and supporting a high level of professionalism in its workers and compliance with relevant policies, protocols, and practices.
  • Create opportunities for robust career development and fulfillment through meaningful networking opportunities, professional development, and staff development.
  • Create a collective voice for staff and the issues and concerns brought forth relevant to their unique role in the university. Create more accessibility to leadership and transparency and understanding of widespread strategic decisions.

We're always looking to source speakers that are relevant to what event attendees will find useful and interesting. If there is a topic or facilitator you would like to hear from, please send us an email at

Save the Date - Upcoming Forums

Thank you to all who attended our first Admin Forum of the year on October 22. The Powerpoint and recording of the event will be available under Forum Materials below.

We are working in partnership with Human Resources on programming for the 2020-2021 academic year. We hope you are all safe and in good health and look forward to seeing you at the next Admin Forum!

Forum Materials

Admin Forum Staff Spotlights