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Office of the Provost

COVID Planning and Response

Academics and Workforce Needs

The Provost's Office and many partners across the University have been busily engaged in activities and planning in response to the operational impact of COVID-19. This page summarizes the partners and groups engaged in this work, resources available and in progress, and key communications channels for future updates. 


Provost's Office

These FAQs are offered as a resource to academic departments, instructors, and academic staff. The Provost's Office continues to update this list as needed, in partnership with the Academic Planning group and the many University offices involved in academic operations.

Environmental Health & Safety

EHS offers a compilation of guidance across a spectrum of workplace and classroom health and safety protocols, including cleaning, air flow and ventilation, face coverings, workplace training, and visitor access.

Human Resources

This site provides links to resources that address self-care, connections, stress management, employee resources, employee wellness, and family care.


NCFDD provides an external mentoring community designed to help faculty members, graduate students, and post docs increase research and writing productivity. Once faculty members register through the institutional membership, they have access to a range of resources including Monday Motivators and access to Career Center, webinars, multi-week courses, and the Faculty Success Program.

Global Affairs

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) supports the greater internationalization of the University of Connecticut through the development and delivery of services and programs that help our international  students, scholars, faculty and staff accomplish their academic and professional goals at UConn. Their site contains COVID-19 updates and resources.

Office for Diversity and Inclusion

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion provides a range of programming, aimed at meeting the needs of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) members of the UConn community.

University Communications

This site contains general information about academics, campus services, health and safety, and more related to the impacts of COVID-19.


The following committees/taskforces were convened through the Provost's Office to address various aspects of COVID-19 impacts.

COVID-19 Academic Planning

This group is charged with providing guidance for faculty and staff about instruction and advising in the context of COVID-19. The group considers issues such as optimizing classroom and course capacity within social distancing guidelines and remote instructional needs; behavioral strategies; and intersections between academics and residential life, research, informational technology, and more.

Future of Learning

The committee is charged with considering how can we use what we have learned from COVID to enhance our educational mission and increase the close personal interactions between faculty and students that are a hallmark of a UConn education?

Future of Work

This committee is charged to consider recommendations for professional staff re-entry at UConn from the COVID-19 pandemic and consider more broadly if and how the nature of work at UConn will be changed following more than a year of primarily remote operations.

Work-Life Balance Taskforce

This taskforce was charged to provide the Provost with recommendations that would alleviate some of the current pressures of work/life balance. The taskforce group produced a report that was shared with the Provost Office.

COVID Impact on Research Workgroup

The initial charge was to focus on the ramping back up of research and how best to facilitate the return to research labs. The group focused on barriers, logistics, and issues that would impact the ability to ramp up research. Once most of the logistical issues were addressed (PPE, safety protocols, visitors, travel restrictions, etc.), the committee was discontinued.

In Development

Building on the momentum established this year, we will continue to engage in efforts to address identified needs and provide needed support for the UConn community.

Wellness and Mental Health Resources for UConn Personnel

To extend the resources available on the Wellness Resources for Our Workforce During COVID-19) site, we are engaging in additional efforts in the following areas.

Mentoring and Supporting Faculty, Post-Doctoral Researchers, and Graduate Students

We will continue to examine the longer-term impacts of COVID-19 on research productivity (e.g., disrupted productivity, graduate student training and support, PTR, differential impact on women and minority faculty) and consider approaches for supporting faculty.

Academic Units

Academic units are encouraged to consider the following areas to support their academic personnel and the effects of COVID-19 to their progression.


University administrators and offices share updates through a variety of channels available to faculty, staff, and students. 

  • UConn at Work (All UConn employees) – a monthly email newsletter
  • UConn Today (Faculty, Staff, Students) – contains top headlines and media coverage
  • UConn Daily Digest – source of information, news, events, professional development opportunities
    • Faculty/Staff Digest (faculty, staff, and graduate students) – HR reminders, important university messages, safety, health, and wellness; etc.
    • Student Daily Digest (undergraduate students)job, internship, study abroad opportunities; safety, health, and wellness; academic and campus information; etc.
    • UConn Health Lifeline (faculty, staff, students, residents, & affiliates) – events, lectures, meetings, etc.

Human Resources sends frequent updates to employees across a number of areas, including the following:

The Provost's Office sends frequent updates to faculty, staff, and students on matters affecting the broad range of academic affairs. These are archived on the Provost's Office website.

UConn has hosted a number of town halls and created a series of several videos with information and tips on COVID-19 response. These videos are archived on UConn's YouTube channel.