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Office of the Provost

SET Senate Taskforce

Convened in Fall 2022, the SET Taskforce was commissioned by the University Senate to develop and recommend a supplement to the existing SET (student evaluations of teaching) to better reflect the purpose of this metric of instruction evaluation. The Taskforce has been charged with creating a recommendations report to be shared with the University Senate and subsequently passed on to the Office of the Provost for consideration.

Taskforce Membership

Committee Chair:

Jeffrey Shoulson, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost


Committee Members:

Dorothea Anagnostopoulos, Associate Dean, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, Neag School of Education

Molika Chea, Lecturer, Nutritional Sciences, CAHNR

Joseph Crivello, Professor, PNB, CLAS

Jennifer Girotto, Assistant Department Head for Pharmacy Practice, School of Pharmacy

Andrew Jaramillo, APIR, Department of Mathematics, Hartford Campus

Lauren Jorgensen, Director, Institutional Research, BPIR

Sarira Motaref, APIR, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Associate Director of Faculty Development, CETL

Daniel Pejril, APIR, Digital Media & Design, School of Fine Arts

Dontae Richards, Undergraduate Student, Undergraduate Student Government

Martina Rosenberg, Director, Teaching & Learning Assessment, CETL

Fatma Selampinar, APIR, Chemistry, CLAS

Franklin Tuitt, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, Office for Diversity & Inclusion

Thomas Van Hoof, Associate Professor, Director of Teaching and Learning, School of Nursing

Fiona Vernal, Associate Professor of History and Africana Studies, Interdisciplinary Programs

Lingling Wang, Associate Professor, Finance, School of Business



Committee Documents

Click here to view the Senate Resolution from March 7, 2022