VII. Review of In-Residence Faculty and Non-Tenure Track Appointments

The Provost does not review the annual reappointment of In-Residence and other non-tenure track faculty, except for those faculty not in the tenure track solely due to immigration restrictions. Formal review of In-Residence and other non-tenure track faculty is conducted by the school/college, with reappointment determined by satisfactory performance and the availability of funding. Appointment letters should be issued annually upon confirmation of support for the next fiscal year. After the sixth year of service, reappointments of Extension Professors will be reviewed every three years according to the AAUP contract.The promotion of In-Residence faculty requires a review and recommendation at all levels including the Provost.

Note: State regulations require that personnel records, which include PTR files, be retained for 30 years after termination of employment. The Office of the Provost will assume responsibility for retaining PTR files for the required amount of time. Deans and Department Heads may retain the files beyond the two years they normally save them, but they are not required to do so.

Updated: October 2011